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Maybe data and information should be "free", as some, who don't seen to generate much, claim, but knowledge and wisdom are expensive.

Not only does it take a lot of time and energy to generate the insights contained in these commentaries, it takes even more effort to articulate them in a (somewhat) intelligible form.

This is a process of writing several books: If you have

  1. found them useful, or
  2.  if you would like to encourage me to spend more time working on the books, or
  3. if you have a specific part you would like me to finish,
you should add your name to the list of supporters by donating.

Anyone who contributes will, at their request, be added to my email list where I send out updates, a couple times a month, summarizing what new items have been added.

At some point I will implement a "conversation area" at MochaExpress.Net{work}.
The code isn't ready for use yet and I am still researching how to have intelligent, time-stretched conversations with useful archival history.  Yes, email can work at this but is cumbersome to add new folk to the conversation.

I intend to e-publish sections, when they are reasonable complete, and supporters will receive copies of the ebooks in pdf form.

I am also open to:

  1. giving talks - contact me for costs,
  2. focusing on specific areas - contact me for discussion,
  3. long bicycle rides or hiking in the Mt. Hood National Forest,
  4. duplicating this site structure so you can work on your book, and
  5. consulting on business and technology.

How to !!Succeed!! in STP
   -> Seattle to Portland Bicycle event:
      200 miles, 1 day


What To Do for Riding 200 Miles in One Day

These are the books I wish I had when I started riding more than 20 miles at a time on my bicycle.
I succeeded (barely) and this is what I learned!

If you want to see it all, be sure to "pay the piper"

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The Game (of life) is Rigged!
especially against Women.

Where does a 600 lb gorilla sit?
...and where is Betty Boop allowed to sit?

Wearing a burka to swim? How can anyone do "business" if their face is hidden? Why is "winning is the only thing" for guys but women are "sugar and spice and everything nice"?

If you want to see it all, be sure to "pay the piper"

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Commentaries on Business, Technology, and Organizations

Everyday there are numerous examples of interesting views and ideas that flow across my screen. These commentaries are written to help me capture those ideas, clarify my thoughts about them, and engage in conversation about the ideas and concepts.

Should you wish to have a discussion, I will be adding a "discussion area".

Most of the entry are "raw data" and reactions and do not necessarily represent the views of the author!

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