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How to !!FAIL!! At Riding STP:It's Simple!
   The Book I Shoulda Had

February 09, 2013

200 miles in one day of pedaling is a long time to ride a bicycle. That's what I had to do to complete the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Event in that one day. 16 hours is an interesting length of time:a lot can happen. While the "course" is not particularly "hard"200 miles isn't easy, even if everything goes well!

While I've survived to complete the 200 miles in one day for two years in a row, I've also not made it multiple times with a big !!FAIL!!. I suspect I've done just about everything wrong a person can do.

This is the book that I wish I had had when I started riding longish distances - like more than 10 miles:something to tell me what the simple rules of "drink before thirsty" and "eat before hungry" really mean.

1   The Book I Shoulda Had
  February 09, 2013

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1   The Book I Shoulda Had
  February 09, 2013
2   Looked Beat
  February 09, 2013
3   It's Simple!
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