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About Mocha Express Commentaries

Is there any cheese down this rat hole?
Albert Yu, Intel Microprocessor General Manager/VP, 1988

Grab an espresso, chocolate, latte, or otherwise, and join me in learning about things.

The purpose of the public parts of this library are two fold:

  1. a forcing function: posting it is a deadline/concrete action
  2. capturing the idea and insights so as not to be lost in the chaff

A key part is accessing the knowledge/wisdom.
There is a lot here in a large number of areas requiring deep knowledge.
It is critical that I can "find things" to connect with other elements. 
A lot is in the restricted and private sections, some of which aren't on the public web servers.

Finally, the public items are an invitation to engage in discussion.
If you have insights about any of the items published, use the contact page to reach me.


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Behaviors you reward, you are likely to see more of.


1. Communication, Miscommunication, and Speaking Gibberish
2. Orders of Ignorance
3. Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

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Carpe Diem: What you can envision, you can achieve!sm
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