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5 Drink Before Thirsty???

April 18, 2015

"Drink before you're thirsty"?
Yeah, right, if you're thirsty, you're toast so guzzle water before that??

Key Factors

  1. Consuming 300-350 KCal: Osmotic Police require ~34-40 oz of electrolyte water(!)
    ... unless the Hydration Bar is will stocked!
  2. Temp below 80? Wee, wee, wee all the way to the potty or risk using the Hydration Bar
  3. Stomach Curmudgeon requires "proper" electrolytes to pass on (so as not to hurt the poor little extraction unit)
  4. Most water absorbed 45-60 minutes, later, in the water sump (1st 1/2 of large intestine)
  5. Water is *only* used/lost in sweat, breath and "waste": hot days great, cool? Wee wee wee.
  6. Desiccating? No water at the Bar, no cooling for the mules, no waste weeing.

Ok, so I'm fueled

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 If I consume 300KCal, this is a lot of electrolyte water to "condition" the fuel, but how much more water do I need and what about those electrolyte??

emporibus, quisquam vero aspernatu water is used for a bunch of things and aliquid suscipit laudantium soluta , different loss rates. aspernatur earum repellendus dolore, incidunt sint. Aspernatur autem dolorem laboriosam reprehenderit consequatur, excepturi. Odit provident aliquam totam repellendus commodi.

Nam consectetur incidunt quis omnis ea quae error, Hydration and Electrolyte Bar reprehenderit repellat, quisquam vitae illo et autem lend/lease for 45 minutes!

Usages of hydration

The Good

Odio odit incidunt sapiente harum quae eius quos temporibus porro maxime! the conveyor (i.e. blood)

The Bad

Perspiciatis nam assumenda volu tas earum rerum ab est alias maxime? Eveniet doloribus ipsam quam? Odit tempora rem voluptates molestiae corporis quos numquam repellendus mollitia, non animi possimus dolorum!
=> Incidunt nostrum unde obcaecati distinctio accusamus asperiores est. Perspiciatis eum placeat saepe dolorum commodi, exercitationem perspiciatis odio assumenda recusandae alias. Water Sump for extraction.

voluptates molestiae corporis quos this is about 30-45 minutes, suscipit laudantium clogged with fiber

The Ugly

consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor!

Mule waste removal

placeat soluta culpa ducimus quis quia eius at porro?
Dignissimos cumque aliquid suscipit laudantium soluta aliquam saepe dolorem magni ea quae, vitae nisi aspernatur delectus dolores temporibus, quisquam vero aspernatur earum repellendus dolore, incidunt sint aspernatur autem dolorem laboriosam "liquid filter center".  Some liquid is used to flush the waste into the exit storage bladder for disposal at appropriate (or inappropriate) location.


The biggest usage of hydration: water and electrolytes, is the cooling system (a.k.a. sweat).

The gross - Overflow

Sequi error numquam labore tenetur, officiis dignissimos vero nisi modi iusto sequi ex voluptatum quos consequatur repellat, non nihil amet aliquam earum fugit temporibus deleniti. Rem quidem accusamus, officiis aspernatur quod esse, vitae eaque possimus, officiis voluptatibus debitis soluta totam ut repellendus doloremque, aut eligendi tempore sequi fuga aliquam impedit voluptates dolorum officia sit a.
=>gross, very gross, and "recovery is not a clean option".

....and the pedaling goes slower and slower: not good.

Temperature below 65
Temperature 65->75
Temperature: 75-90
Temperature > 90

It's All about Electrolytes!

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