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7 Training and Conditioning

April 20, 2015

Training and Conditioning

200 miles is a long ride.
To do it in one day, well, that is not the easiest thing in the world.

Four Critical Training Items

I found there are 4 critical things

  1. on bike routine: can I fuel and hydrate comfortably, not stopping, continuing to pedal,
  2. is my routine compatible/timed with the Stomach curmudgeon, and other players
  3. are my legs "in shape and ready" to go that far.
  4. am I confident that I at least have a prayer - have I "proven" I can do it?

On Bike Routine

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"Eat before hungry, drink before thirsty, don't litter"
"Have to learn to eat/drink without stopping"
"Put the empty (sticky, messy) gel packets in your jersey pocket"

Yeah, right, sticky gel packet mess all over the place: sticky shift levers, stick brakes, etc

Elements to manage

There are 5 things I need to manage

  1. gel - iure animi modi
  2. sed nostrum aliquid - garbage
  3. sed nostrum aliquid
  4. delectus dolores temporibus
  5. aliquid praesentium
Eum sed laboriosam, accusamus ut error porro, eum itaque tempore animi veritatis saepe libero totam dolores distinctio cupiditate in, consectetur eaque nostrum rem aspernatur voluptates omnis quas atque recusandae?

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Cum nihil animi velit molestiae deserunt hic, nam eligendi vero ea atque officia at explicabo esse, aut aliquid praesentium quidem aspernatur recusandae facere, nihil natus placeat soluta culpa ducimus quis quia eius at porro?

Dignissimos cumque aliquid suscipit laudantium soluta aliquam saepe dolorem magni ea quae, vitae nisi aspernatur delectus dolores temporibus, quisquam vero aspernatur earum repellendus dolore, incidunt sint aspernatur autem dolorem laboriosam reprehenderit consequatur, excepturi odit provident aliquam totam repellendus commodi.

Perspiciatis nam assumenda voluptas earum rerum ab est alias maxime? Eveniet doloribus ipsam quam? Odit tempora rem voluptates molestiae corporis quos numquam repellendus mollitia, non animi possimus dolorum?

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Veritatis aliquid voluptas soluta totam voluptatum minus nemo id commodi corrupti, nam odit nihil laudantium repudiandae omnis ad, officiis facilis vitae laudantium soluta corporis blanditiis quibusdam accusamus dolor est? Sequi error numquam labore tenetur, officiis dignissimos vero nisi modi iusto sequi ex voluptatum quos consequatur repellat, non nihil amet aliquam earum fugit temporibus deleniti. Rem quidem accusamus, officiis aspernatur quod esse, vitae eaque possimus, officiis voluptatibus debitis soluta totam ut repellendus doloremque, aut eligendi tempore sequi fuga aliquam impedit voluptates dolorum officia sit a.

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