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Fueling:Eat Before You are Hungry

May 15, 2013

OK, "eat before you're hungry".
But, my MHR is way too low so I'm basically "time trialing" for 16 hours(!), and, it is warm, I'm drinking a bunch, so how and what do I shove in to me?

I have and have seen lots of bad examples!

So, a very simple way to !!FAIL!! on STP, is:don't worry about food:
just eat what "feels good" at the moment in the service area or in the stands selling burgers and fries.
Or, just don't eat at all and "burn off that lard".
Yep, sure fired way to !!FAIL!! and end up like some oversized road kill.

1   Fueling? Fueling What'ya mean?
  May 15, 2013

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1   Fueling? Fueling What'ya mean?
  May 15, 2013
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3   Greedy, Hoarding Fat Cells!
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