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Library:Rigged - Book:Know

1 Programming a Humanoid

March 04, 2019 It is hard commentary

Library:Rigged - Book:Know

2 Strategic Objective for Homo Sapiens

March 04, 2019 commentary

Library:Commentary - Book:Horizons

1 Memes

March 01, 2019 People are smart, clever, resourceful.And the "learn"from their "tribe"/peer group/worker associates /friends/etc what is "important". commentary

Library:STP - Book:MudSplats

2.5 A Long Distance Ride

March 14, 2017

This winter, while on the Big Island trying out the Ironman route to Hawi, I realized that I wasn't riding the long distances.

On my old 1998 Trek, I have ridden up to the 62 miles up to the Pololu Valley (then back) and have done the 200 miles of STP in one day. Everything worked well.

But, I had "issues"
     1)Over work!    2. Bike fit!    3.Electrolytes! commentary

Library:Commentary - Book:Elucidate

9 Ice Age Survival -
Threading The Genetic and Behavioral Needle

December 29, 2016

Answer is written in the dust:Ice Ages Were Very,Very Grim:

While agriculture started about 13,000 years ago (YAG), when “it became possible”,
life before that was grim.
Grim, grim, grim.
Almost all life was an "endangered species"and the Neanderthals died out at one low point.

This article is a "top down"investigation using the ice core measurements and archeological "bottom up"data to look at the world as it really existed. commentary

Library:Commentary - Book:Elucidate

8 Ice Core TimeLine- Current TimeLine CO2

September 22, 2016

Bottom line:it is improper and incompetent to connect multiple, separate data sets together and anyone doing it should receive remedial education if not fired outright.

The comics by XKCD and Josh (in WUWT), bring to the front an issue of lack of skill by government paid scientists.  When I Founded and Directed the Research Lab for Intel, this was one of the huge problems I had to address with the personnel:they focused on "what they wanted to show"rather than "good science".

Measurements and Accuracy

This is a very small subsection of so VOSTOK data I pulled down.

VOSTOK Data commentary

Library:Commentary - Book:Elucidate

7 Why did Agriculture Start 13,000 years ago

June 23, 2016

All the academic articles say:"and then agriculture happened".

The "accepted wisdom"/consensus is:

....There was no single factor, or combination of factors, that led people to take up farming in different parts of the world.

But It is simple:it occurred because it Started Working.. 13,000 years ago

People are clever, resourceful, adaptive, looking out for the best for their kids.

If it doesn't work, it won't happen.
If it will work, someone will figure it out and their kids/tribe will be successful commentary

Library:Commentary - Book:Elucidate

6 BBC - Intentionally Publishing Propaganda - Again

June 15, 2016

It looks, again, like the "BBC"is sliming and slithering around reality

BCC:Cancer Risk From Coffee Downgraded

The title of the article is:
     "Cancer Risk From Coffee Downgraded"
With the first sentence being:

     "The cancer risk of coffee has been downgraded, with experts concluding there is inadequate evidence to suggest it caused the disease". commentary

Library:Commentary - Book:Elucidate

5 BBC - Intentionally Publishing Propaganda

June 10, 2016

There isn't a lot a person can do to protect themselves if someone intentionally lies to them.

title of the BCC article is:
   "Why do they love electric cars in the Arctic Circle?"

With the answer:because they will bribe you with a lot of mon ey! commentary

Library:Commentary - Book:Elucidate

4 Finches in Barbados:Rural vs Urban
Imposing Person ego On Research

March 23, 2016

Sigma Xi New report had a note on an article from the Washington Post

It seems that "experts" (grad students) in Barbados(?) have investigated finches after the birds started stealing their lunches at a restaurant(?).
they found that city folk are smarter than their rural country rubes. commentary

Library:STP - Book:MudSplats

4.5 Pensieve Note:Bowel Cleansing and Dehydration on a Ride to Hawi

June 20, 2015

I am still trying to "dial in"bowel cleansing.
For long rides, the "fuel factory"tends to be in full usage.  It is a bit "persnickety"about the processing of supplies to create fuel.  Yes, the "supplies"need to be dissolved down to an osmotic level acceptable to the factory, but the processing takes time.

In order to ride long distances in hot temperatures, it is essential to make sure a person has plenty, and I mean "a lot"of hydration to allow for the major loss through cooling.  If the temperature is below 70, it doesn't take much;  70-85, increasing amounts;above 85? huge quantities.
=>But in order to get "huge quantities"of hydration, not only must it "between the lips and past the gums", the water has to wend it way through the stomach, through the 24' of small intestines, and, finally, to the absorption area in the large intestines. commentary

Library:STP - Book:WTF

1 Introduction:WTF

April 21, 2015

They Looked Beat!

As I came in US 30 from Longview on my first successful "one day"STP, I saw, littered along the banks of the highway, the sad "road kill"of folk who were unable to proceed.

They looked exhausted.  Bikes tossed on the ground with little thought.  Blank, dazed looks on their faces as they stared off into the distance, usually down the road towards the finish 35 miles away. Sitting passively:their arms around their knees or supporting them as they leaned back or lay on the ground.  A group of 5:one lying on the ground as another was pushing and pulling on his legs as if to relieve a cramp and the other 3 standing around in an arc watching.

That day, I wasn't one of them:but I have been! commentary

Library:STP - Book:WTF

4 Eat Before Hungry??

April 20, 2015

Fueling?  Scrounge from Other Sources?

OK, "eat before you're hungry".
Yeah, right, not hungry but should stuff my face.... WTF?

Key factors

The most important things I've internalized are: commentary

Library:STP - Book:WTF

9 Have Fun!

April 20, 2015

As I've been told, completing STP in one day is a really great thing to have accomplished!
(as I sit here look at the two patches on the wall).

Yes, folk had given lots of information, but why did they write the "user manual"!! commentary

Library:STP - Book:WTF

8 Everything Else??

April 20, 2015

I saw several unusual bikes being used to ride STP:a young couple each had a "market basket bike"with wide-ish tires and front bike basket (full of stuff) and were determined to ride it in two days.  Several people were on unicycles bound and determined to make it to Portland. And then there was a large variety of road and mountain bikes, not to mention my good, old 1998 9 speed.

Yes, a good bike can make a difference, but if I bonk it is pretty meaningless.  It is important that a person be ready and able with a "good enough"bike, then there are other things that, while maybe not make/break like fueling and hydration are, can make it a "fun ride"or "I'm not doing that again"

Key items

As far as "good enough", there are sever, sun coverage, recovery and shoes.
Whizzy bike? sure but it makes it "better"not does it. commentary

Library:STP - Book:WTF

7 Training and Conditioning

April 20, 2015

200 miles is a long ride.
To do it in one day, well, that is not the easiest thing in the world.

4 critical things to manage:
on bike routine, compatible/timed with the Stomach curmudgeon, in shape, and am I confident.
and, most important:where do I put my sticky gel package garbage??? commentary


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7  Training and Conditioning
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