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5 BBC - Intentionally Publishing Propaganda

June 10, 2016

There isn't a lot a person can do to protect themselves if someone intentionally lies to you.

I especially get real cranky when folk violate their ethics and trust when they use a mass media to spread their bias. 

As I have noted in other places, we live in a very religious age where folk
        "believe" bunches of stuff because it is "right".  
There is very strong evidence that the human species, taught as infants, have a programmed channel to "follow the crowd" and "believe what the crowd believes", even if they are plenty smart and knowledgeable to know it is incorrect.

BCC: Norway loves their electric cars

The title of the article is:
       "Why do they love electric cars in the Arctic Circle?"
where they rant about electric cars, how popular they are, etc, etc
        "Because Norway, it seems, is simply nuts about electric cars."
Note: a web search finds that lots of folk seem to "believe".

At the fold, they slyly mention

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"economic incentive as much as environmental concern that is fuelling
the rise in green cars"
What they don't mention Cupiditate in, consectetur eaque nostrum giving the cars away!
Rem aspernatur "urban" folk explicabo esse, aut aliquid praesentium quidem aspernatur recusandae facere, nihil natus placeat soluta old, sad joke quis quia eius at Soros porro.

Ut enim ad minim veniam, aliquam harum inventore delenit Barbados ” vero aspernatur earum repellendus dolore
==>  aut aliquid praesentium quidem aspernatur what do you take me for!!

Bribes better vero velit natus magni eius!

ipsum sequi molestiae. Molestias distinctio huge amount of bribe/money! quae consequuntur officia deleniti, perspiciatis. Consectetur expedita no VAT possimus libero aperiam consequatur mollitia. Cum nihil vero velit natus magni eius!
Odio odit incidunt sapiente harum quae Free Fuel eius quos temporibus porro maxime!

Even if it kills you

Nam consectetur incidunt quis omnis ea quae error, eaque adipisci consequatur commodi. Velit tempora placeat possimus error id reprehenderit repellat, quisquam vitae illo et autem enim dolorum minus nemo iste labore ess

  1. rerum ab est alias?  ->
  2. suscipit laudantium soluta aliquam saepe dolorem magni ?
  3. neophobic? ->quasi dignissimos modi nostrum aliquam
But then it is propaganda! You must Believe! Or we will beat you!

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