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2.9 When Out Tools Create Knowledge That Can Hurt:
Supporting Villainy By Telling Them How To Hurt Worse

April 14, 2008

As any learning organization can tell you, the tool they most need is:
      "it is all about feedback: knowing what worked, what didn't"

There are times when we seen to be sadistic voyeurs:
when the popularity of "blood, guts, and gory" can provide feedback to villainy and
allow it to hurt more people.

An example in the news today were the articles about how a roadside bomb in Iraq damaged an armored vehicle. From the US to Iran to China, the news was splashed on the web sites.

So, who really cares about this bit of mundane trivia?

Yes, some people will object to my categorization of "trivia", but compared to the disasters of worldwide food shortages (due to diversion to bio-fuels) and the world wide financial crisis, it is trivia. It is not even trivia that we can do anything about, which makes it mundane trivia.

Apart from the titillation of blood/guts/gory, the only people who "care" are
     a) those where this is a minor straw that helps their political agenda, and
      b) those who set the bomb and want as much feedback about how to "do it better"

So, are the people killing random civilians the people we want to help?

This brings up the old adage: with "freedom" comes "responsibility".
so I guess I will hold the news outlets who include gratuitous, "educational" details to be "responsible" for killing people.

I am sure some will respond "freedom of the press" and "all the news all the time", which is, of course, total BS (since they don't publish anywhere near "all") and substitutes for that most difficult commodity: thinking.

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