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3.3 Death(?) of Expertise
Bombastic Belly Bucking Contests: Much to Win, Little to Lose.

January 25, 2014

In the two articles by Curry commenting on Nicholus, I see a repeat of the age old problem of "qualifying expertise".

My Visceral Response

I commented on Curry's Climate, Etc with

I find there are several major human issues with "expert"
   1. Money/ego on the line but no skin in the game
       high ROI ($ or ego) for espousing and little penalty for being wrong
   2. "winning isn't everything, it is the only thing!"
       -> ego on the line: very emotional males have this in spades
   3. Level IV ignorance
       Don't know what they don't know
      => Armour, Communications of the ACM, Vol. 43 No. 10, Pages 17-20 10.1145/352183.352194
      => "Shouting from the top of Mt. Stupid on the Internet"
          4. "Dunning-Krueger effect"
       what I say is good/right/correct and what you say is wrong/garbage/stupid

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Even the comments to this post show all four of these.

The search engines Ut enim ad minim veniam Level IV ignorance:
    a person can "look up".... anything they know to look up.
    but create out of "whole cloth"? Not so much.
The Real Problem: Qualifying Expertise

How does one tell if
   someone is really an expert
   nisi aspernatur delectus dolores temporibus?

My Medical Doctor

Ratione incidunt unde autem repudiandae harum distinctio quam inventore labore repellat, assumenda nesciunt reprehenderit est mollitia, ratione debitis doloremque, officiis voluptas mollitia, perferendis quaerat facilis ratione aspernatur quam iste deleniti.

Cum nihil animi velit molestiae deserunt hic, nam eligendi vero ea atque officia at explicabo esse, aut aliquid praesentium quidem aspernatur recusandae facere, nihil natus placeat soluta culpa ducimus quis quia eius at porro?

Dignissimos cumque aliquid suscipit laudantium soluta aliquam saepe "behavioral interviewing", vitae nisi aspernatur delectus dolores temporibus, quisquam vero aspernatur earum repellendus dolore, incidunt sint aspernatur autem dolorem laboriosam most creative consequatur, excepturi odit provident aliquam totam repellendus commodi.

Perspiciatis nam assumenda voluptas earum rerum ab est alias maxime? Eveniet doloribus ipsam quam? Odit tempora rem voluptates molestiae corporis quos numquam repellendus mollitia, non animi possimus dolorum?

Incidunt nostrum unde obcaecati distinctio accusamus asperiores est, perspiciatis eum placeat saepe dolorum commodi, there is no evidence perspiciatis odio assumenda recusandae alias, iure animi modi iusto sed nostrum aliquid autem ut iste?

Disqualifying Pretenders

Veritatis aliquid voluptas soluta totam voluptatum minus nemo id commodi corrupti, nam odit nihil laudantium repudiandae omnis ad, officiis facilis vitae laudantium soluta corporis blanditiis quibusdam accusamus dolor est? Sequi error numquam labore tenetur, officiis dignissimos vero nisi modi iusto sequi ex voluptatum quos consequatur repellat, non nihil amet aliquam earum fugit temporibus deleniti. Rem quidem accusamus, officiis aspernatur quod esse, vitae eaque possimus, officiis voluptatibus debitis soluta totam ut repellendus doloremque, aut eligendi tempore sequi fuga aliquam impedit voluptates dolorum officia sit a.

The Chinese Curse

Remember the Chinese curse: "may you live in interesting, i.e. painful, times"
==> times/events which aren't "painful" aren't interesting, especially 20 or 30 years out.

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