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Commentaries on Business, Technology, and Organizations

Lying with statistics?
Repeating the mistakes of the past?
Level IV ignorance and complete certainty?
Yes, the news is full of these things, even if they are buried in the weeds.

This book captures the shenanigans and cluelessness of some folk.
It also serves as the repository of the data and information for the pensieve I am developing.

Books in the Commentary library

Elucidate Current Items About Business, Technology and Management.

This book captures notes, ideas, insights, that do not initially fit into or haven't been sorted into one of the other books. These are drafts of what, later, might be a complete commentary, but, for today, are raw and unedited. Book:  Elucidate

Of Knowledge Horizons and Domains of Applicability

Mount Stupid is a classic demonstraction of how the limits of knowledge can cause one to make a fool of themselves. Book:  Knowledge Horizons

Practical Knowledge

There are many very simple things, that are terribly obscure, until you learn them. They may be the simplest algorithm or heuristic, easy and quick to apply, but are usually either "known" or "unknown". This section is a set of practical knowledge that I've picked up over the years and wish that someone had told be about them a long time ago. Book:  Practical Knowledge

Computers are marvelous ways to make people stupid

When a tool extends one's reach or strength, the down side is that it can cause atrophy from lack of use.

The same is true for the brain and it is clear that the "information processing machines", i.e. computers, cause people's brains to become a lesser part of Book:  Computer can make you Stupid

It is to Laugh

One of the folders in my file cabinet is titled: It Is To Laugh!
It contains cartoons, articles, and notes about things that cause me a chuckle.
These commentaries, typically sarcastic, are my venting of humor at the ridiculousness I have encountered Book:  It is to Laugh

Pointy Haired Bosses and Bean Counters

As corporations grow and "mature" the "people in charge" get more and more distant from the actual work and needs of the business. They focus on "what they know", often to the detriment of the business. Book:  Bosses

Classic Mocha Express Commentaries

As I originally published my commentaries, there were some that both I and my readers found to be "don't forget" ones. Book:  Classic Commentaries

Free Range Commentaries

These are commentaries that wander off the usual path. Book:  Free Range

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Carpe Diem: What you can envision, you can achieve!sm
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