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2.1 Paying for Interns?
We Deserve! Clueless Wonders Killing Goose Laying Golden Eggs

June 16, 2013

Oregonian Pundit

One of the editorial pundits on the Oregonian site commented how the court in New York found that
        "Interns must be paid at least minimum wage"
and now his daughters, along with all the other interns, should receive a salary while being baby sat as interns.

He contacted the State of Oregon bureaucrats and, of course, they want on this boat to show how good and great the bureaucrats are.

Killing the Goose Laying Golden Eggs

But I find it extremely sad.
The collateral damage will be major: not just the decrease in the number of interns available, but also the lack of training, skills development, etc.

Value of an Intership

I would guess the author and most of the commenters here have never actually
        hired/had an "intern" and had to manage the clueless wonder.

The purpose of an "intern" is to allow the intern to
    1. see what  that work actually is,
    2. have a no penalty chance to develop work skills,
    3. meet folk and develop contacts for future work opportunities

It is an "education" and they are "paying a tuition".
The cost to the organization is usually steep: babysitting clueless, ego-centric wonders.
The interns have some skills but usually not any discipline or context.

You Must Pay To Babysit Me!

So, rather than paying tuition, these folk think they should be babies paid by the babysitter?
Then, they should also be fired during the probationary period if they don't perform.
    do you really want to subject such a newbie
        to the chance of disciplinary action?

...which might ruin their future prospects for employment for years?

Here's the deal:

    if the ROI isn't there, don't do it.
They are free citizens and, last I checked, fought to get the premier intern opportunities!
be a clueless, ego-centric wonder and go kill the goose that is laying golden eggs,
    at least the lawyers will make a mint.

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