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The Game (of life) is Rigged!
especially against Women.

In this set of books, I will look at:

  1. Our heritage: what is our wildly successful selection... for surviving the Ice Age.
  2. how do we continue to "condition"/"brainwash" folk... to survive an Ice Age
  3. Why is this important: who cares and for what purpose
  4. What is the solution paradigm and what are the risks.

The Human Species is wildly successful: for the environment before 15,000 years ago.

Life, before agriculture was enabled by improving environment, was grim.  90,000 years of very, very hard life as plants barely grew and animals were sparse as they wandered far in search of food.

Times have changed, conditions improved, but far too quickly for the species, so we are dealing with behaviors and attitudes that were wonderful for 15,000 years ago, worked pretty well until the human mind fantastically arched into the future of the 20th century technology and tools.

It is now the 21st Century, and while we don't to break the 90,000 years of very hard learnings giving a modicum of success, the future requires that we enable the 53% of the human race that are bludgeoned into 2nd class citizenry.

Books in the Rigged library


Where does a 600lb (250kg) Gorilla Sit?
So, why don't you tell him that?

There are a number of extraneous things which make it harder for a person to succeed even when it is counter productive to hold back that person. We all see it every day in our work, our play, our home life: just about everywhere the "600 lb Gorilla" gets his way.

In this book I'll step outside the box of our everyday lives and examine how the game is rigged. Minor, inconsequencial things that make it harder for some folk to succeed.

I will especially focus on "Viva la differeance": gender differences. This is a very important area as the needs of STEM and society fumble around trying to address vague notions when the Gorilla is whacking them on the head. Book:  Introduction

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