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March 01, 2019

Memes:a couple of interesting phrases

People are smart, clever, resourceful.
And the "learn"from their "tribe"/peer group/worker associates /friends/etc what is "important".

Unfortunately, many people are not as "clever"as they might be
and the Maslow hierarchy of needs plays an important part in what they "learn"and what is "important".
Unfortunately, "rumor"and "marching in line"does not always give the best results.
=>below are some "memes"that have been used and are useful
.... and have be stolen...
steal them if you wish (or are clever enough to understand the semantic content)

FYI:for some (that I have bothered with)
  1. a mouse over-> show,
  2. mouse click->show & lock
  3. dbl-click->close

  1. "laser focused, tunnel vision"
  2. "once hired, can't be fired"

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