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February 01, 2019

Memes: a couple of interesting phrases

People are smart, clever, resourceful.
And the "learn" from their "tribe"/peer group/worker associates /friends/etc what is "important".

Unfortunately, many people are not as "clever" as they might be and the Maslow hierarchy of needs plays an important part in what they "learn" and what is "important".
Unfortunately, "rumor" and "marching in line" does not always give the best results.
=> below are some "memes" that have been used and are useful
steal them if you wish (or are clever enough to understand the semantic content)>

FYI: for some (that I have bothered with) a mouse over-> show, click->lock there, dbl-click->close

  1. "laser focused, tunnel vision"
  2. "once hired, can't be fired"
  3. "Religiously Believe"
  4. "no skin in the game"
  5. collateral damage and unintended consequence
  6. "not my fault"
  7. ignore the present, find who to blame
  8. what the "common" people want is not important
  9. dumber than a sack of hammers
  10. micro(mis)management
  11. Political hay from non-productive screaming
  12. China will get nukes on the moon: what will you do?
  13. Make your mind right (Luke), your mind right
  14. rent-seeking bottom-feeders
  15. male chauvinism pigs: you wear burka, naqib, hajab, and stay in your place
  16. The "map" is not the "territory"
  17. Lines on map do NOT define the border/geography/etc
  18. Which tribe to YOU belong to?
  19. An "equation" is not "reality": only a "loose description".
  20. Wave equations do not "collapse": they are "resolved".
  21. The "cat" is not the "wave equation" if a person has no information
  22. the "best Wizard of Oz" and "know all, see all, tell you what to do" all
    ......ignore the clueless wonder behind the curtain
  23. Greedy piglets
  24. 330,000 years - 1800 generations of homo sapiens: you!
  25. dust in the Ice Ages
  26. mom started agriculture 13,000 YaG
  27. Transitory internet - no risk publishing
  28. marijuana impacts brain before age 25
  29. cushy salary, cushy pension, cushy medical
  30. YOU pay for but can't have!
  31. babies: swat butts, keep in isolation chambers
  32. The "accepted practice" is for the obstetrician to take a new-born and
    1. hold it up by the legs and swat it until it cries
    2. lock it in an isolation chamber, served by "automaton" for a couple weeks,
    3. collect the payment for the hospital and the doctor.
    Started about 70 years ago and
    ...."collateral damage?""not our problem" say the clueless admin folk
  33. smart, clever, intelligent people
  34. brain damage from using drugs
  35. pre-natal testosterone surge to reduce stress response in males
    drugs starvation take the hill
  36. early programming ages 2-6
  37. bleach in septic system
  38. Portland Bull Run Water system -
    Keep it "natural"
    (so it burn due to ineptitude of Stump Town "Fire is Natural" Druids/Drones)
  39. SS and Medicare rip off": my doctor retired has yours (yet)?
  40. No bird slicers on Precious Portland West Hills! My Precious
  41. Tyranny of the majority bullying
  42. great and wonderful wizards of Oz
  43. N. Korea "Clinton" nukes
  44. war with China's sock puppet N. Korea's "Clinton nukes
  45. Iran "Obama/Kerry" nukes
    ......China's sock puppet - N. Korea ("Clinton" nukes) and
    ......Russia's petulant child, Iran ("Obama/Kerry" nukes)
  46. has your doctor retired, yet?
  47. well connected pocketing cash to do the trivial
  48. DC (district of corruption) Post, NYC
  49. sing "Kumbaya" and let others get hurt
  50. years of "kumbaya" and
    "they don't need no stinkin money, use borrowed cash to buy votes"
  51. GAFA (Google, Amazon, FaceBook, Apple
  52. monopoly/"chaebol" (Korean) riding goberment investment and using outside cash
  53. Money! Money! Money! Wese wants your Money!
    After all, we "deserve" your cash! Send your money today or we will Black Shirt YOU!
  54. "woo is me, who is me", giving bribes,
    .....politicians pocketing money, whining, crying, and do-nothing
  55. "Free speech for me but not for thee!" shout the Berkeley Black Shirts
  56. We don't need no stink'in history! (just broads)
  57. China and their sock puppet N.Korea, Russia and Iran,
    DC (District of Corruption), NYC, Hollywood, AP (Associated Propaganda) etc
  58. San Diego where they have 810,966 "ghost" voters
  59. sure it is "a mystery, Brother George, a mystery!
  60. How to Lie with Statistics - Darrell Huff
  61. James Damore fried from Google
  62. "growing up in the scary, risky city":This describes the "urban" kids:
    ......coddled and helicoptered parented to be "safe".
  63. "Silent Generation"...urban young tykes during WW II - Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, etc
  64. 911 Generation
  65. Chicago deaths due to gun fights
  66. they are the "all about me" crowd
    ...."my mommy says I is the best and brightest"
    when reality is their experience is closer to ..."dumb as a sack of hammers"
  67. Medical insurance
    1. unexpected problems
    2. maintenance of health
    3. recovery for exploitation of system
  68. Obamination care
  69. "have a toke, kick back, feather our nests"
  70. Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, PayPal and other tech firms are engaged in increasingly strict political censorship through vague and subjective prohibitions on “hate speech” and “fake news.”
  71. Punish you for your grandparents, and give to people we like
  72.  Book of Terminal Stupidity:   Climb over barricade to get a "better look" at the cliff
      swimming alone in remote, icy water (Silver Falls Park)=>    heart attack
  73. Your brain:
    ......massively parallel, massively connected, sensor based,
    ..... temporal weighted threshold computing
    ......programmed by decades of sensor input and physical success/failure continually strive to exist/reproduce within the framework of
    ......Maslow's hierarchy of needs or the hierarchy concept elaboration
  74. "Massively parallel, massively connected computer"

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