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2.12 Getting your "eyes on" to see ATV damage

November 26, 2007

.1                  Learning to recognize

In the book "Omnivore's Dilemma", (which I consider an excellent book to read about modern food), the author learns how to gather mushrooms.  He relates that the very key thing in mushroom hunting is that you have to learn to actually "see" the mushrooms in amongst the leaves, pine needles, and forest litter.

The mushroom hunters call the process of training your eyes to "see" mushrooms
      "getting your eyes on".
The author relates how he could look at a section of ground and not see any mushrooms.  His friend, an experienced mushroom hunter, would come over and point out several mushroom.  At one point, with the encouragement of his friend, the author got down on the ground at a patch that his friend had seen a lot of mushrooms, and worked hard to learn to recognize the tender morsels.  Looking from multiple directions, the author finally trained his eyes to "see" the mushrooms.

.2                  All Terrain and 4 Wheeler Damage

In the local paper, this morning, there was an article
 on how the Forest Service brought forward a plan for a forest that would close about half the road to ATVs and motorized vehicles.  This plan has been in the works for several years and was motivated by the increasing numbers of ATVers and 4-wheelers. 

The increased numbers seems to include more than the usual numbers of "TV heroes" who want to "splash in the mud" just like those ads on TV.  Not having sufficient mud in their apartment, (except, maybe, when they return from mud splashing ;-), they go out to the national forests, find a stream or a soggy meadow (a.k.a. wetlands) and have a grand time splashing, donuting, etc.

Have seen what some "idiot" ATVers and 4-Wheelers can do to a environmentally sensitive marsh or meadow, I found the following quote to be interesting:

But 65-year-old Larry Cribbs of La Grande said he and his wife have seen no abuses during many years of riding ATVs an average of 2,500 miles a year each on national forest roads. They seldom encounter other ATVs, he said.

"They say ATVs are tearing up the world; I see no evidence of it," said Cribbs, adding that the Forest Service and Fish and Wildlife Department declined to document specific ATV abuses for him when he asked them to do so.

.3                  Not Seeing

For this discussion, let us take local resident Mr. Cribbs statement at face value -  he and his wife, while doing their riding only on forest roads, have seen few ATVs and has not seen any evidence of abuse.  As local residents, they go out their door and ride 2500 miles in a year.

So, given that I've seen really bad ATV damage, how do I resolve this different of perspective?

Actually, it is very easy, the illustrative couple very likely

  1. might not recognize what is considered damage
  2. don't go out when there are lots of ATVers having fun (holiday weekends)
  3. don't "follow the crowd" of teens/young adults on weekend nights to the drinking/mudding spot
  4. don't go miles off road to the favor mudding spots
  5. ignore, if they happen to hear, the sounds of groups of ATVers having "fun"

Bottom line:
acknowledging that you "don't see" something doesn't mean it doesn't exist
    => only that your "don't see"

To see things you must be
       a.      right place,
        b.      right time, and
       c.      have "your eyes on"
to comprehend.

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