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4 Eat Before Hungry??

April 20, 2015

Fueling?  Scrounge from Other Sources?

OK, "eat before you're hungry".
Yeah, right, not hungry but should stuff my face.... WTF?

Key factors

The most important things I've internalized are:

  1. Fuel extraction metering: ~350 kcal/hour - use or lose it
  2. only extracted in small intestine => stomach is prep processing
  3. everything must be "just right",  the extractor (small intestines) is soooo fussy.
  4. riding at speed is ~300-400kcal/hour peak at 600kcal
    - supply it or slow down

For riding 200 miles in 15 hours, better understand or !!FAIL!!

Fuel Storage

Read More

First things first: I only have a relatively, small amount of "ready" fuel.  Go read about anaerobic, and aerobic fuels.

The second thing is that the Greedy Piglets - the fat cells, may have an almost infinite about of fuel, but I can't have it.
=> "Piglets who fuel you while you ride, always retire at 65 (% max HR)"
Just try riding fast for 12 hours and see how you do.

Fueling: Only the "right stuff" in the "right way"

Yeah, right, where's my book that you wrote??
"right stuff", "right way"???

So, iI shouldn't try to eat that hamburger and fries at Winlock (to say they smell wonderful at 2 in the afternoon 125 miles from Seattle....)...

Right Stuff

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