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3 Heart Of The Matter

April 19, 2015

First things first, I found the biggest, most "publically secret", everyone ignores, mystery is:
Max Heart Rate ~= 220 - Age (which means Speed ~= xxx-Age!)
but it is the collateral damage of things being prioritized and shutting down that is the problem!
It is a big secret because everyone seems to want to ignore it and maybe they should just take a break or do something else or are just "getting old".

Key factors

Everything else can go hang, it is super critical that I really, really understand

  1. bell curve of "max" on folk's heart rate is ~220-age (everyone's mileage varies)
  2. it is a big secret: you're just getting old, don't be bovvvered by it !!NOT!!
  3. at high heart rates, things are prioritized for allocation of oxygen, fuel, etc
  4. fat cells, those Greedy Little Piglets, are low priority and strive to slack off, loaf.
  5. digestion is second lowest priority and tends to loaf; only doing easy things

Riding slow? no problumo. Kick back, relax, go with the flow.
Riding 200 miles in 15 hours, ride slow and !!FAIL!!

So, How Bad Is It?

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The American Heart Association calmly and quietly captures the disaster in their simple, easy to obfuscate "exercise" table:

Ideal For Benefit Desired Intensity Level
(% Maximum heart rate)
Light Exercise Maintain Healthy Heart/Get Fit 50% - 60%
Weight Management Lose Weight/ Burn Fat 60% - 70%
Aerobic Base Building Increase Stamina Aerobic Endurance 70% - 80%
Optimal Conditioning Maintain Excellent Fitness Condition  80% - 90%
Lactate Threshold High level time trialing 85% - 90%
Elite Athlete  Maintain Superb Athletic Condition 90% - 100%

Now isn't that nice, simple, meaninglessly informative?
Whoo Hoo! "Light Exercise"!!  Only 50% of max!!

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