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6 So, What's a Body to Do?

May 24, 2013

200 miles. 16 hours. 
Gotta "eat before hungry" but need to make sure it is "right".


Some of the "objectives" that I do so as to not !!FAIL!! include:

  1. keep the Stomach Curmudgeon pacified
  2. keep the Osmotic Police idle
  3. stuff in as much fuel in as I can
  4. ride when it is warm to hot so I don't stop at every bush or port-a-pottie

Simple, isn't it?
The devil is in the details and it takes 70 miles to find the details!


So what actually I do is:

  1. no heavy food after 11 am the previous day
  2. finish "highly digestible" substantial meal by 4pm the day before
    ex. spagetti, mac&cheese: high in carbs
    I conjecture that this "carb loading" doesn't clear the intestines and so provides some fuel the next day
  3. mix Gatorade by weight: 43-45g/24oz bottle
  4. prep pre-mixed Gatorade for mixing on the ride: 43-45g/packet
  5. have half bottles filled with Gatorade, half with water
    I carry 4 bottles: 2 of each, and that lasts 1 1/2 to 3 hours, depending on temperature and Osmotic Police.
  6. have a small, stomach settling breakfast at least 2 hours before starting
    I use 1/2c Cheerios and 1/4c milk along with coffee
  7. 1/2 hour before starting: a packet of Gu with 6-8oz water
    air temp is 65F so I am more worried about potties than osmotic police.
  8. at start: a packet of Gu with 6-8 oz of water
  9. every 10 minutes, by bike computer stop watch, 2 oz Gatorade
    increasing as it becomes warmer
  10. every 30 minutes, by the watch, a Gu and 8 oz water
    water amount increasing with temperature

Two observations:

  1. if the temperature is below 70-75, I am a little light on my 300-350kcal consumption budget
    as it get warmer, I consume more Gatorade solution and, at about 85F I get on target
  2. more complex energy gels don't work for me: too complex and require too much (not available) digestion.

Bottom line

  1. the only way to find if this works is to ride 120 miles
  2. I have no clue how folk ride long distances in cold weather (unless they are very young fools)
    ... or they stop at very port-a-pottie, store, gas station, bush, tree, .....

KISS: pacify the Stomach Curmudgeon and Osmotic Police
          or !!FAIL!!
... but what about that "hydration thing", does this get it "covered"?

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