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4.4 New York Times:Should Athletes Eat Fat or Carbs

February 25, 2015
Gretchen Reynolds February 25, 2015 5:45 am

I found the article to be a lot "less than stellar".  It did not come across that any of these people, and many of the commenters, had every managed or coached folk, or had done more than a hours worth of exercise. 

The NYTimes Article on Fats vs Carbs

The New York Times has an article on "latest research"about hydration during sporting event.  The "experts"are noting that some people are fine eating "mostly fats"but there are collateral damages and problems

It concluded with

The upshot, based on today’s best science, is that a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet conceivably could be useful for some athletes, especially if they participate in prolonged, endurance-based activities. But for the rest of us, a balanced diet, with less sugar and perhaps a few more pats of butter, should improve our health and in that way allow us to perform better on the trails and at the gym.

Bottom line

My key learnings about hydration include

  1. this is all about "fueling"and, especially, "refueling"
  2. carbs, if osmotically correct and on an empty stomach
    1. require little processing
    2. take only 3-4 minutes to be available at muscles for usage
    3. if muscles aren't using heavily or gluttoning at work, blood sugar level spikes and things shut down.
    4. will be snarfed up by the Greedy Piglets if there is too much unused.
  3. fat takes forever (1-8 hours) to be turned into fuel
    1. is processed slowly, requires a lot of work and processing
    2. slow gets into blood stream
    3. very metered, hard to consume too much, rebuilds remote (muscle) supplies
    4. only if really gluttoned do Greedy Piglets get to store much.

=>to "fuel"use fats,
=>to "re-fuel"while under load, use carbs.

My Comment

I commented to the NY. Times
Fat takes forever to be absorbed:good to replenish fuel
Carbs, if not held up by the Osmotic Police, can reach "exercising muscles"in 3-4 minutes (as I ride my bike back from Hawi)

I avoid the "fast carbs"when I'm not burning it up right away, otherwise, the "Greedy Piglets"will store it away for later usage...
......Greedy Piglets who fuel you while you ride,
......always retire at 65% max heart rate

Analysis and Learning Summary from the Article

As usual, the article and the comments were shallow.  No evidence of skills or experience.

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