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4.2 Fattening Up The Greedy Piglets

June 28, 2014

I'm "researching"(i.e. trying out different things) to address the issue of what many call "Carb Loading"or I call "Bowel Cleansing".

As with most research, I keep ending up with "interesting"things I didn't know:this is a couple of experimental results associated with fueling and fattening up those Greedy Piglets.  (In case the reader hasn't read the my articles on "How to Fail At STP (Seattle to Portland Bicycle Event)", the "Greedy Piglets"are those chubby little cells that store excess energy and provide it when demanded;should they be so inclined).

Long Distances on the Bicycle, Greedy Piglets, and Instant Energy

       Greedy Piglets who fuel you while you ride
       always retire at 65%MHR
(max heart rate).

A major concern when riding up to the Pololu Valley (and back) is to make sure that I have enough "ready energy"to keep the Mules turning the bicycles crank.

Now, if I am willing to go slow enough, my Greedy Piglets will provide enough energy to not only get me there and back but to keep on going.  Yes, my stomach will rumble about not having anything to do, but the energy will keep coming.

The key is "slow enough".
Do I really want to ride at 6-8 mph?  I can almost jog that fast (don't I wish).

Nope, I ride at a speed well beyond where the Greedy Piglets are willing to provide energy and also beyond the point where "good food"in my digestion system will be processed.

Refueling with "Instant Energy"- 10 minutes later I need more

Since neither my Greedy Piglets nor my Food Processor are able to provide fuel at the speed I ride (or rather, want to be able to ride), I have to use the old standby of "pre-digested"stuff:straight glucose/malidexros.

So my routine is to eat a Gu every 1/2 hour (100 kcals) with about 8oz of water.  The water is essential to "dissolve"the Gu so the Stomach Curmudgeon will let it flow out.

The interesting thing is that it is "real quick"to provide energy:about 3-4 minutes after starting to eat the Gu, I can feel the energy flowing to the Mules (i.e. legs)!

3-4 minutes to "feed the beasts"

3-4 minutes!  Wow:  Through the Stomach and into the gut, look out legs, here it comes.

The good news is that I have instant energy.

I'm there cranking away and the 100kcal get used/burnt up in 10-15 minutes.  Oh yes, I can tell when it is gone - 10 minutes later, the Mules want more.

Fatten up the Piglets

The bad news is "use it or lose it (to the Greedy Piglets)".

If I am operating at below 65%, the Greedy Piglets will delight in grabbing the "instant energy"to save for a "somewhat hard working"day by fattening themselves up.

Want fat Greedy Piglets? Eat carbs while sitting at a desk.

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