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6 MHR: Aerobic

April 01, 2013

So, there I am: I'm "time trailing" why those folk are just jaunting along.  The question is
how long can I keep up with them?

The answer is complex and I still don't have it all figured out.

Lactic Acid Threshold?

Yes, I'm near the max and thus at the "lactic acid threshold" that the race people and coaches all mumble about.  It is what they all strive for and work real hard for.

Me, I don't have to work hard at all!
I am always there and must manage it or !!FAIL!!

One can always sprint for a bit.  Some folk can do it a little longer, some a little less. 

Downside: no fuel!

The problem is that there isn't really a lot of fuel located in the muscles that works without oxygen.  That's what the "threshold" is all about.

When it is used up, that's it: the lion gets ya.
Or, in the case of STP "the hill" at 72nd  (or the later "Rush Hill Road") will get'ya

How to !!FAIL!!?

So, to !!FAIL!! on STP, just really work hard in that initial "burst of glory" where all the young sprouts go racing off to get ahead of the crowd.  Work hard enough and, after 40 or 112 miles, you might just find that there is a big !!FAIL!!.

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